Little Four-Eyed Monsters

I was in Česky Krumlov. And I bought things. Among those things, were these awesome teddy bear eyes, which were in a bundle, so naturally I envisioned them as something for which they were not intended.

I had a few issues, because the beads I liked best for the project were size I’ve-never-seen-anything-this-small-in-my-life. I think they’re around a size 17/0, because the blue ones also pictured, which I used, are a 15/0, and the yellow and white ones were labelled 14/0, but you know how reliable Czech seed beads are with sizing. Basically, they’re all teeny (pictured next to my new green 11/0’s which I bought on a whim!)

The green ones (with the words “Czech Beads” legible) are the 11/0’s. Also pictured are my new favorite size 15/0’s. You can see the turquoise ones are about half the size of the 11/0’s. To cope, I used a size 15 needle, which I’ve never needed to before, and my problem was basically solved.

My little four-eyed monsters started out like this.

I sorta wound them together to make them into the base around which I worked your basic peyote. Except teeny.

There’s a little red gem in his mouth, because the more I thought about how to end him, the more I realized I was imagining a little red tongue of some kind. So he’s gnawing on a stone… not sure what kind it is exactly.

The best part, in my opinion is that they’re earrings!


Initially I was just planning to make them to get the inspiration itch out, and stick them immediately on Etsy, but the more I worked on them the more I fell in love. It’ll be a while before these guys see the internet again.

And the best part?

I just got these noses! They’re plastic, not glass, but they’re still totally the inspiration for my next set of little monster earrings.

(shown next to 8mm rounds)

Feedback much appreciated!


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