Window Garden

A while ago, in my To-Do List, I mentioned this craft from, well, all over the internet really.

Little, controlled bits of green space that you don’t have to take care of.

I wanted something like that for my place here, so that I could leave for weeks at a time, like I did last week, and not have issues with needing to water plants.

Then, we were in Česky Krumlov last week, (check it outttt) and there was a craft fair, and then there were plants everywhere, and oh man.

I started a window garden.  A very low maintenance window garden.

I got a Venus Flytrap plant in Krumlov. That was actually what started it all. A plant I don’t have to feed? Brilliant!

I also bought some cacti in Krumlov. They kind of keep in with the color scheme of the Flytrap, green and red tones.

This guy I got in Mělnik, it’s a plant that apparently lives on air. Can’t remember the name of it, honestly, but apparently all I have to do is spritz it down once a month. That, I can do.

This one though, this is the king of all plants that don’t need to be cared for. I got the idea at a booth in Krumlov, and thought, well I could do that.

It’s basically one or two stone chips twisted at the end of wire. I had originally planned to keep track of the lengths of wire I used, but I ended up just sort of free-forming it as I went because I started to worry about running out of wire.

You can see, it’s all basically twisted wire to imitate a teeny old tree. I love that it totally fits in with my other plants, but isn’t alive at all. It also doesn’t feel false the way a lot of fake or beaded flowers would.


There it is, in my window where it lives, until I want to pick up the tray and move it. As I get inspired I’m going to add little bits and bobs to it, probably a few little ceramic animals or maybe a tiny plate of moss or something. We’ll see.


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