Inspired in Česky Krumlov

I was in Česky Krumlov this weekend with a group of people from PSF, which you can read more about here if you so choose. It is a beautiful town 3 hours south of Prague, which was having a festival. Along with the festival was a small art/craft fair near the castle.

I got a whole bunch of things, among them some plants, and some beads!

I found these really cute glass octopi. They’re adorable.

The bigger red beads are coral. The seed beads are Czech glass.

I really like these earrings.

Also, I found these two vintage silver buttons in an antique shop.

And I thought hmmm…

The third one is a bead I had. Someday I’ll find another vintage button I like, and I’ll replace it.

I had been going to add more bubbles, but then I looked at it and I actually really liked it just as it was. So I declared it a necklace and called it a day.

Whaddya think?



5 responses to “Inspired in Česky Krumlov

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  4. I am in love with the necklace you made with the vintage buttons. So creative!

  5. I love it!

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