The Same Post Twice

Some of you are aware that I have a second blog, created upon popular request, and mostly designated for my travels. This post falls pretty much right in between, in that spot where theatre and travelling coincide, so this is going to be the same post twice. Sorry.

I’ve been super busy and not posting much the last two weeks because of… you guessed it… a show!

I was super blessed to be working on a production of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream with the Prague Shakespeare Festival over the last few weeks. I was even more blessed that we were presenting the show in the Letni Scena (Summer Stage) at Vyšehrad Castle. I’m going to start with a few links about Vyšehrad, like the wikipedia page, and then move on to a very picture heavy post about the show. I should make a disclaimer that actually, I was very bad at taking pictures. Kate, however, was awesome at it. And so I stole a bunch of pictures from her facebook. Sorry Kate. (Almost half of the pictures of Vyšehrad itself come from her)

Starting with the walk through Vyšehrad to get to the castle, and the stage farther down.

Walk through several arches like this one. One of the ones I didn’t get a picture of is in Mission Impossible 3. No lie (It’s like, the doorway, and then everything else is CGI.)

Through the park and past the good, and cheap, klobasa.

Here’s the castle itself, and a picture of the walls below which you had to walk past when coming from the other direction.

And Letni Scena from above. Because it was a really freaking cool space to work in.

It was a wonderful experience working outside. Sunshine or rain, although some rehearsals (and one matinee) were absolutely miserable, it was still brilliant.

I always share at least one bigger project from each show, so now I show you a few pictures of the 10 meter long tablecloth. Seriously. It was a lot of fabric.

I ended up using my aunt’s sewing machine. Old, but effective.

I actually had to go in on my day off to try the thing out in the space and figure out exactly how much more fabric I needed. (hint: it was a lot more)

It looked really cool in the space though. I love the two toned feeling to the fabric. It ended up looking really great in the end.

And one more picture of Letni Scena, with the big green platform in, just for fun.

The reason this is going up so late is because we went, as a cast, to Česky Krumlov, a UNESCO site about 3 hours south of Prague, for the weekend to attend a festival. That was great too, and you’ll get to hear more about that on my other blog, when I post about that in a few days.


3 responses to “The Same Post Twice

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  3. Really fabulous! Thanks for posting these photos and writing about your experience. Just great!

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