Pendants for Mom

My mom and I have pretty different taste in jewelry. She really likes pendant-y dangly stuff on chains. I like very solid, seed bead creations which are not really replicable by anyone. That’s not to say that the stuff I make her isn’t one of a kind.

This is the latest one I made her, made from a brass… button thing… that was lurking in my button kit. I found it when I was making my sewing kit, and it inspired me.

I think I like this side better than the other one.

I made this one a long time ago, after I took a class on that beaded bead, and suddenly wanted to make them all the time. All the time.  

This one’s a stone drop base with dangles on top, just to switch it up a bit. The dangles are amber, Swarovski bicones, and seed beads.

Of all of them, this one is my favorite. I made a peyote band, starting with some 11/0 Delicas from Miyuki, increasing to 11/0 Czech glass seed beads, again to a slightly larger 11/0 Czech glass bead (See this post for a detailed explanation of variation in bead sizes and origins), then to a size 8/0 Czech seed bead (the purple ones there) and finally to a size 6/0 Czech bead. I worked it on both sides, so the smallest beads were in the center.

The graduation of sizes, combined with the fact that in the center were the most regular beads created a really pretty fan shape. Then I took a headpin, and various Czech glass accent beads, and basically secured the wavy band back and forth over the beads to create a solid pendant piece. I had fun with the colors, and the graduation.


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