Sewing Kit

So remember my To Do List? I actually did something from it! Again! I’m on a roll here or something.

Actually… I didn’t exactly do the sewing kit idea from a mason jar, but I did do a sewing kit!

I have several sewing kits. I have had two in my bag just for in case, as well as a larger one for bigger work, needle and thread special for bead-work, and various bits and pieces hanging around.

The two in my bag go through a lot. Over the last three years, they’ve gotten all cracked to hell. When it was pointed out to me that the mason jar idea probably won’t travel too well, I decided to modify my idea and make a replacement for my cracked plastic travel kits. Because fabric doesn’t shouldn’t crack. (if you have heard of an instance of fabric cracking, please let me know)

It’s all disorganized! Oh no!

… not anymore!

I started with your basic zippered bag. I used denim and cotton fabric. I like the pretty orange color.

It’s about as tall as the old kits, and three times as long. (I have a pocket it fits really nicely in, and didn’t want to give up the shape)

I then inserted some extra denim pieces, about 2/3 of the length of the piece, to give the pins and needles something to cling to.

I ran it through the sewing machine a couple times to keep it in, and created a small pocket for the two little pairs of scissors (not that I don’t also carry a better pair) and the needle threaders.

I added some straps to run my old bobbins of thread through, and picked out some buttons to safety pin to the bottom of the straps.

Ah safety pins… They’re doubly useful for keeping the kit together, and for use if I need them. I have quite a few of them just “loose” in the kit, but I’ve also got them securing the straps and buttons.

You can see where the needles (threaded and not) go, and the pins. I’ve got both straight pins and safety pins, and I figure it should do for an “in a pinch” sewing kit.

And the best part is I’ve got a big safety pin to secure the whole thing closed!

Really, I’m quite pleased with the results. No buttons or elastic to break, just replaceable safety pins, and fabric!

What do you think?

UPDATE: As part of my revamp project, I actually completed the original mason jar sewing kit project from the list. Check it out!



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