Update 4/27

So as I pack away my life into two suitcases and a carry on, I started to think about how much stuff I have and my life in general and all that good stuff, and I realized that it just won’t work out to bring all my merchandise with me everywhere I go. So it’s going to stay here in Boston.

My Etsy store and my Amazon account have gone on vacation. Lucky for you guys, WePay has no such function, so I removed the quantity of items. If you go there (and you should totally check it out) you’ll notice that everything I have up is all sold out. This is a lie. I have all of these items, but in order to prevent false hope catastrophe, I’ve removed all stock.

You can still see all the items though, so if you’re interested in buying something before June 3, send me a message, here or at helena.mestenhauser@gmail.com

I’ll keep checking it and we can work something out, I just don’t want to have people buy things I can’t send. Thanks for your patience!


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