To Do List

UPDATE: I have chosen this post to be one of the posts in my revamp series, for the month of September. Instead of replacing the original content, I’m simply going to insert links for the three projects I actually did complete from this list. Check them out below!

So… I’ve been really busy. I freely admit it. I’ve had prop work everywhere, I’ve got finals and papers all over the place, and so. many. kanji.

BUT. Finals will end for me and by the end of the month  I will be back in Minnesota for a little while to take a breather before I’m off to Prague!

In the interest of filling the free time I’ve had coming up, I’m going to start a To Do list. Right here, right now. I’ve combed my Pinterest, Stumbleupon, my Ideas and Helpful Links bookmark folders, and I have come up with a *lot* of things I want to do, and hopefully will have the free time to do in May! Here they are… with links to various places on the net I’ve gotten these ideas.

I plan to do this project from momtastic, to consolidate my various sewing kits, so I have something nice and concise to take with me. That’d be really nice.

UPDATE: I totally completed this one!


You can see my original version,


and the secondary (and more specific to this tutorial) version by clicking on the embedded links.

I’m also going to make a duct tape dress form for my mom for mother’s day, using these two posts from little pink monster and threads magazine respectively.

I plan to do a variation on this 4th doctor scarf necklace. something…. equally long and impressive, probably also on a loom. *sigh* I do hate the loom, but the stripes will only work out using a loom or a square stitch. The reason I don’t like loomwork is that there are too many separate threads that aren’t going through beads. It introduces too many variables, too many threads which are integral to the structure of the piece, and if any of the threads breaks, it’s too difficult to fix. You lose one thread, you lose the entire piece. Single needle stitchwork  eliminates this problem, because it’s one thread and any damage can be easily salvaged. On a different note, ending loomwork can be really annoying and difficult, especially if you’re working on a wide piece with a lot of warp threads, and small holed beads. Single needle stitchwork also eliminates this issue. The issue is that loomwork not only gets the beads going the correct direction for the work I want to do, it is also undeniably faster and easier to work with than single stitch work. Even veteran seed-beaders like me find loom work less time consuming, simply because you’re stitching an entire row at once. It’s very quick but not always as secure, and that’s mostly why I don’t like it as much. Nevertheless, I have an endless rolling warp loom in Minneapolis at my disposal, and it’s the only stitch I can think of that will produce the right stripes. And this may actually be the first time you’ve been subjected to my loomwork versus needle stitching rant. On with the list!

UPDATE: I also totally completed this one!


Check out my version (and needlessly specific analysis) here.

These are beautiful hand warmers, that I got from Pinterest, but originally come from purlbee. I love them. They’re adorable, and from some source on the internet I can’t remember which, I’ve gotten the idea that I can use sweater sleeves from a goodwill sweater and create hand warmers of my own. Something along these lines. I plan to do that this summer too!

I’ve wanted to do a version of this from so you think you’re crafty for a very long time but haven’t had the time or the need or the energy or the sewing machine availability or something else. Maybe now that I’ll be back in MN with mom’s sewing machine, I’ll get around to it.

Aaannddd the last thing on my list is the tiny lightbulb crafts with plants. Vases or terrariums, something little, with very little responsibility on my part which will bring some life into my place in Prague. To be fair, this isn’t really on my May to do list, because I want to do it in Prague, but I’m putting it on my list. So. There.

UPDATE: I didn’t exactly complete this one to the letter, but I did make this great tree and mini window garden, which totally counts for bringing life into my life, as it were, so I’m counting it completed. 


Check out my little rock tree here!

Anyway. These are things I’ve been inspired by that I’m going to try and do in the future. Stay tuned, as I’m sure I’ll be posting about them when I actually finish these projects.


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