Out With the Old

In with the new!

Well… this is actually a modification of the lizard necklace in this post.

If you don’t feel like clicking, here’s a picture.

Not a great picture, but that camera wasn’t that great either.

It gets my point across anyway.

So my brother decided to give the necklace to his girlfriend, Storrie, who is a lovely girl, but tends to tug on her jewelry. My brother is more the wearing it to forget about it type, so when I made it with him in mind, it didn’t matter that I was only tying thread to thread and well, my knotting has always needed work and excuses and excuses later, long story short, our friend lizard broke while Storrie was wearing it.

So I revamped it for her, with wire instead!

I do like the way hammered copper looks. It’s really cool, in my opinion. And I can be sure that this one is not going to break for anything (well… lets be realistic here, a pair of scissors in the right place could probably do the trick)

So now Storrie has a pretty necklace, and my brother has learned his lesson about not telling me he’s going to give her things. (I hope)


One response to “Out With the Old

  1. Ooooh my goodness that is one ruggedly gorgeous piece o’ jewelry.
    I’ll have to compliment Storrie on it sometime! (We work together now, fun stuff 🙂
    Also, you are amazing and I miss you lots. ❤

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