Wire Shapes

(And how they can be awesome earrings)

I finally have my life back. (I’ll admit it, there’s a reason I do theatre, I just tend to forget that reason around show time)

My life being back, I got on pintrest. And got inspired. By these earrings.

So I got out my base metal wire, took a pair of pliers to it, and made these.

Granted, her’s are hammered, and probably sterling, but I still really like my version, and I didn’t have to pay for them.

Then I kept thinking…

I think these may be my favorites. After the heart shaped ones, I decided I needed something a little more geeky, something along the lines of the Piranha Plant Earrings I did a few weeks ago, and decided Pac Man was just the ticket. Simple enough to make a wire outline, and a Ghostie too.

These bird earrings are really cool looking, and they just sort of happened! I love jewelry like that.

And these, these are for Jo, cuz she saw them and went ooh!

They belong to her now, and the others belong to me. BUT if I get enough comments on this post, I may put up a few pairs like them on Etsy and WePay. Just maybe… 😛

Have a good weekend all, I’ll be posting more props stuff later. After the show ends, that is. I had a really exciting time with a camera from the 20s and somebody should really stop me before I get going.


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