Something Disgusting.

Teaser for Radium Girls!

I haven’t posted in a while, so I’m definitely due for a post, and here it is!

The script of Radium Girls, which is the show I’m working on right now, calls for a rotted jaw in a jar of formaldehyde.

Challenge. Accepted.

My solution involves Jello and sculpey. I really hate Jello. Nevertheless, I grabbed some and got to work. Yes, I got the idea from The Office. I also saw this link which had a different idea of going about it, but I decided to go with the office method- string.

Oh- and here’s a picture of the rotted jaw I made out of sculpey.

Lovely right?

Eventually, I gave up on the net of string idea, and instead threaded some of it through the jaw itself.

And filled the jar with Jello!

Here’s a picture of the jello mixture I used to make the formaldehyde.

And the jar in my fridge which scared the crap out of my roommate…

And the strings disappear! Floating Jaw time!

Not gonna lie, I’m in love with this prop. A lot.


5 responses to “Something Disgusting.

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  3. We had the jar in stock. I just molded the jaw out of clay. The teeth are basically squashed spheres, and the jaw bone is filled with tinfoil. I added little bits of brown here and there on top of that.
    Yeah, it is cool. Thanks so much!

  4. That is an awesome prop! Where did you get the jar? How did you make the jaw out of sculpey? Did you have a mold? Really, really cool.

  5. That looks awesome! I’m really excited to see the show. I was just reading a book about poison in which the Radium Girls featured heavily.

    Lovely work as usual!

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