Special I-Haven’t-Posted-in-Days Post!

We just got back from a lovely 9 day adventure in the Dominican Republic.

I’m from Minnesota, and currently residing in Boston, so it was a lovely break in a nice, warm, sunny climate. See?


Well OK, this picture doesn’t demonstrate that, but it *was* warm and sunny and beautiful most of the time. And I like the colors in this picture more. I’m turning over these colors in my head for a bracelet at some point, but I’ve got more inspiration out of these photos for jewelry:

With this in mind, I’m working on a multi-strand piece stitched with two colored seed beads and two different whites (well, one’s off white). When that’s complete I’ll post about it.

The lower part with the purple drop is the bit I’m thinking about with some silver chain offsetting it… again, when it’s finished I’ll post.

Also, I want to go back to making animal shapes, and Geckos are cool.

So all in all a great vacation in a really cool place and bead-withdrawl abounding, because of all of the great colorful inspiration.


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