Christmas Presents!

And So Can YOU!

I was going to wait tomorrow to share this, but I’m too dern proud of these gifts not to share them with everyone. I would have posted as I made them, but that ruins the surprise for the recipients!

For most people, I made Mustache Mugs! I got the idea for it… somewhere on the internet. I’ve lost the link… Sorry.

These are three of them. I made like… 12 or 13 of them. (Goodwill and the Internet ensured it was much cheaper than the ones on Mustache Mug)

I used this paint pen for the mustaches, and it needed about 10-15 minutes in the oven. Possibly the strangest thing my oven has been used for so far.

They were a hit though!

My favorite gift though, and the other gift I gave, was inspired by a few things. I asked Danny what he wanted for Christmas just before Thanksgiving, and he said, jokingly, “a PONY”.

I gave him a pony.

I’ll be specific, Danny is an artist, he does some really cool stuff. He drew the pattern for the first turquoise cuff in this post. He’s great at movement lines, and people, and his preferred medium is charcoal. He’s brilliant.

So I started thinking about how I could make him a pony he could use. I mean I could have given him a my little pony doll, or a plush pony, or even a stick pony, heck I could have made a pony plushie myself, but it just wasn’t *him*. And then I was Stumbling, and I found this post. An artists mannequin.

Perfect, yes? Also around $80. And I thought, I could make that!

So I tried. I used those photos, and that link, and a second source, the Ted Talk by the South African Company Handspring Puppets, about how they created the horse puppets for the stage production of War Horse which had a very successful run on Broadway. (TED, by the way, is a wonderful informative website which hosts talks by many different people talking about their experiences and areas of expertise in a very interesting way. link here)

The horse was made out of mostly paper-mache and cardboard. It took me a few weeks working on it off and on. This was not an unfamiliar sight in our apartment for that last week.

I used a uniform off white paper for the paper-mache to keep the uniformity of the horse. To contrast this, the hair, which came from a hair dye sample book I got a few years ago.

As far as the joints and the movements went, I spent quite a bit of time formulating and creating each piece, and pinning them together with silver wire. It was completely mobile, and the neck moved with almost a full range of motion, although it didn’t bend downward as much as I’d have liked it to.

Here’s an in-process shot.

Discs strung on a wire for the neck, and each leg built with two joints and the join to the body. I think it worked out well. I’m really proud of it.


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