A Small Army of Cookies

So instead of partying and drinking, my friends and I bake cookies on a Saturday night! (I’m bringing a bunch of them to the poor people stuck in a three day tech this weekend.)

We made a LOT of cookies.

This is only one oven-full of cookies too! We ran out of things you can make cookies in (see that muffin tin on the bottom? Yeah, we used that for cookies too.) At one point we even took a chance and used this thing!

I’m not even sure what it’s for but it’s for shortbread cookies now!

We made Pumpkin Cookies from the tons of pumpkin puree T and Jo made after Halloween (recipe for the cookies here)…

They were super yummy. Lotsa glaze and pumpkin yummy-ness.

Also, we made Shortbread Cookies. (recipe here)

AND, we made a double batch of Peanut Butter Cookies. (recipe here)

Be forewarned that they need 3 hours+ in the fridge before you can bake them. SO I left them in overnight, and baked them this morning.

They are super yummy, even though a good 2/3 of them are going to someone else I’m still excited!


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