Ah, the Metaphor

So once again, there’s been a shortage of me posting about real craft things, mostly because I had this gargantuan (and I mean that in the nicest of ways) project due for my Theatrical Design class.

The assignment was to create a 3-Dimensional composition which explored the island, the characters of Caliban, Prospero, and Ariel, and any other characters we chose to include. Francis, our lovely professor, provided many examples for how our project was to be experienced.

The instant she said it could be something a person climbed into, or viewed from the inside, my brain started whirring. A box! No, too closed in and dark. Add lights? Electricity is complicated…. plus a class of 30 students has to experience it in 5 minutes. Huh… so something equally viewable from the inside and the outside. Something see through… A cage maybe?

The basic premise of my project ended up looking at the island as a cage, something camouflaged which deceptively everlasting greenery, some of it contrived by Prospero, some not. There were things that you could see only from the inside, things you could only experience from “on the island”

Here’s the outside, in my really messy living room (at this point it’d been over 18 hours of work on the project in a 24 hour period.)

This is a conglomerate of pieces which ended up in the final project. Ooh Ooh Tangent time! I had this idea from the start that I was going to make leafy vines out of pages from books to help symbolize Prospero’s effect on the island.

After some brief experimentation with tea dyes and food coloring, my vines were laid out to dry nicely.

For the garlands with bigger leaves, I painted them with paint loaded up with retardant, and when the paint was mostly dry, tea dyed them in green tea.

(that’s Jo’s pretty tea set. I worked around it)

The garlands ended up very pretty. Some day I’ll have a grown-up not for school project that will need something similar, and I’ll make them, and they’ll look very classy. It’ll be a great day.

An example of a piece you were intended to only view from the outside of the project- part of the battered boat.

(Side Note; This project has reinforced my belief that with a lot of cardboard and some hot glue you can make anything.)

I never intended for the project to be as big as it got, but when I realized that I’m on the small side for people sizes, I had to try to make it fit someone more the size of a linebacker. So it got big. I got really lucky that it fit out the door- and it only just barely squeaked out.

I also perfumed it, just to add that cloying heavy trapped feeling to the piece. I’m not sure I didn’t end up with more perfume on me than on the project, but the class seemed to think I’d done OK.

I’m rather proud of this project myself.


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