Even I am not immune to Halloween. I love coming up with costumes and the whole fun spirit of the holiday. I don’t however, love what Halloween means in college. (tiny little slutty outfits and drinking ’till you drop)

Fortunately for me, I’ve got a group which goes to a school sanctioned, alcohol free hustle lesson. Seriously- don’t pregame a hustle lesson. It won’t end well.

I had been going to save this post for later in the year, after Christmas, when we (the ballroom club) have our next masquerade, but in the spirit of  Halloween, I decided to share my masks from last year early.

I made the one on the left for T, because I managed to find fabric which matches her dress and that’s just cool. The one on the right was supposed to be mine, to match the dress I was going to wear. Tay ended up doing what she usually does and spending the night in doing homework. I ended up doing what I usually do and borrowing her dress and mask.

Anyway, at the time I was exploring craftster, and had decided to start something like a blog. (I’m pretty sure my friends were all tired of me bothering them every time I made something, but the internet doesn’t care!) So I took process photos.

This is what I started with for my mask (shown here with the blue lace dress)

Here’s what I started with for T’s dress (on the left side of the picture)

Start with your mask…

Take off the extra stuff on the mask…

Cut out elements from the lace….


Cover the masks in fabric…

Get some hot glue involved… (hot glue is quite possibly my *best* friend by the way)


Masks. Perfect for a masquerade, or a ball, or a wild party where you wear almost nothing else, if you prefer (I don’t.).

Happy Halloween!


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