Home Improvement.

One of the things I hate most about living in university housing is how everything is homogeneous. A lot of people don’t take the time to make the places they live feel like home. My roommates and I refuse to do this, and instead take the time to put up art.

This piece was inspired by the internet at some point. I think this post by re-nest, but I can’t be sure.

I did this last year, and plan to keep adding flowers as flowers find their way to me. The point is not to buy flowers, but to make them out of whatever material I feel like as they find their way to me. So far I’ve got flowers from old umbrella tops, flowers which are made from what’s supposed to be an earring display, some resin flowers I got in Ecuador, the flower I wore in my hair to Prom, and a couple of random flowers that I’ve found places, or made.

This piece is as yet unfinished- It’s paper taped to the wall (university housing!)

My roommie Jo made this tree in her room last year, and put it up again this year.

I loveloveloved the idea and asked her for her help creating one of our own, and we went with the sakura tree idea. Later in the evening the first night we were working on it, she was hanging out with other people at their place, and aimlessly drawing.

She drew this. See the resemblance? We did too, so we changed our wall-tree a little bit. Still kinda funny. I’m sure I’ll post about it when we finish our tree project, but it may take a while. We’ve been so busy lately with school!

Speaking of school, remember the project I talked about at the end of this post? Yeah, I’m not a huge fan of keeping school projects, and I really didn’t feel the need to keep that particular one around, mostly because it was built for a specific reason- not home decor. BUT I loved the colors we used, and couldn’t bear to part with that much paint without re-using it. SO I cut it up into little squares of varying sizes…

and with the help of some tape…

Voila! A nice installation in the sorely neglected corner by the bathroom.

Here’s a close up of the top, where the walls and ceiling intersect.

This is kinda my favorite part, because I cut some specially to bridge the corners. I also really love how pixellated things can still create curves and organic shapes.

Of course there’s the lovely sign over our oven to remind us to turn it off.

We also have a lightning bolt poster to cover the fuse box (irony or just a funny coincidence, I’m not sure, but it makes me giggle.) and a poster of this image from this post which went up on the XKCD blog a while ago, but you should all totally take the time to read. The guys who writes XKCD got curious about color names, and decided to do a study about how people perceive color. It’s really really cool.

Of course we have plans to add more. There’s this sad little space above our sink where there should be a window. Someday we’ll put a window there.

And the tree needs work, but when you go from walls that look like this…

…and using this…

… turn that wall into this…

… I think we’re doing pretty well for ourselves.


2 responses to “Home Improvement.

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  2. The trees are gorgeous. I love the mosaic tree. It has overall balance, but the individual pieces are organized in a way that the colors really “pop”. I like the use of negative/positive space – how the tree interacts with the white wall behind and around it. Very nice work.

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