This Post Will Have Pictures

So. So you guys. So.

I’ve been a very bad blogger. I’ve been ignoring you in favor of good grades, and theatre. Honestly, it’s mostly been for theatre. But that’s beside the point.

The point is, that I’m going to post a bunch of pictures from the prop work I’ve been doing, as well as the project I did for Theatrical Design. These are the important things I’ve been ignoring you for. (plus the 10 page paper and the two midterms)

Prop Work!

Icky looking gravy. (Sawdust and water) The gravy gets spilled all. over. the place. SO no food-stuff allowed.

These are cake forms I’ve created. They will become cake.

Cake should end up looking like this. Both of them. The one that looks like Pac-man is supposed to be edible, but making a new cake every night seemed like a waste. My plan ended up being putting just a quarter of a cake together and sticking it in the missing wedge piece. It’s been working out OK, but through this process it has been established that, much like I said after we finished Rabbit Hole, NEVER AGAIN.

Cardboard circles turn into candied sweet potatoes. With the aid of paper mache and paint.

Unfortunately at this point I got too busy to even consider taking more pictures.

BUT, before I strike them on Sunday, I promise I’ll take a picture and post it.UPDATE: Here’s a picture of the sweet potatoes after paint. This is after the show.

And this:

THIS is the other project I promised to show you. I’m very proud of the colors, mostly, but to be fair, Jo did mix most of them. It’s supposed to represent Mitch from A Streetcar Named Desire emotionally. The middle panel is a little literal, I think, but overall I like it.


2 responses to “This Post Will Have Pictures

  1. The sweet potato chips look good enough to eat!

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