So many good ideas, so little time.

So, being as Halloween hasn’t even happened yet, Christmas is right around the corner!

I *am* going to share my Halloween costume, when I decide what I want to do. I was going to be Kim Possible, and I still love that idea, but then I realized that Halloween’s on a Monday. *sigh* No biggie, I thought, I’ll find something to do.

And then I remembered my 9:50 class on Tuesdays. College is such a downer.

Regardless, I may still be Kim Possible, either in the future, or during the day or something. But the Ballroom club is having a hustle night for Halloween. And I wanna do something for that too! (Cargo pants are no good with heels. They’re just not meant to go together) So when I figure that out, I’ll definitely post about it. (Who buys a Halloween costume anyway?)

But back to the topic at hand. Christmas, which is only 2 months away. I so badly want to post about all of my ideas for my friends (based on something I found online) and my brother (also based on something I found online). Ideas for mother and father not-withstanding, all of those people better read this blog. Which ruins the secret fun-ness of the whole project. (I’m conveniently ignoring the fact that Phil knows what his is already- I had to make sure he’d want it!)

Rest assured, I’m going to post about Christmas presents literally as soon as I can.

I also have a follow-up post in the works for this post. A few items have been satisfactorily created, I’m quite in love with them myself. I’m looking to round out the collection with one or two more pieces before they go up on Etsy, and make an appearance here.

Another project I plan to talk about here is one that is very close to my heart- and has to do yet again with decorating our place. It’s been a few weeks in the making, but I think within the next week or so I may find time to help Jo finish it. And then you will all see the amazing that is Jo’s design skills. Again, not finished yet.

And so we come to one the reason none of these things are done yet. Theatre.

Because my prop drop-dead line is in ten days. TEN DAYS. I may pop from the stress. But in Ten Days it will all be over. And I will be sharing that too.

So while my life is full of projects, they’re all half finished and conceptual, and maybe someday you’ll get to see them.

Have a happy rest-of-your-weekend.


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