The Age Old Question

How do I organize my jewelry?

It’d be easy to organize them if they were just chains, and all the same length. Or if all of my bracelets were the same length and width. Or if I didn’t have a small collection of earrings (give it time, once my ear piercings have healed over I’ll begin making more of them for myself.)

Unfortunately, most of us, myself definitely included, have jewelry of all lengths and sizes. While I was at my parents place in Mpls, I used command hooks with magnets stuck to it, and used the magnet board my parents made me from our old washing machine top. I was able to readjust it as I needed to, and my opera length necklaces and my chokers were untangled and unharmed.

Then I moved back to campus, and I didn’t have that anymore. All my stuff looked like this.

It took me a while to decide what I wanted to do with it, first because Jordan’s stuff is all adorable and great.

Pretty things make her happy. Heck, pretty things make me happy.

Through my adventures on the internet, I found ideas like this:

(From The Budget Babe)

And this one (which is similar to what I did over the summer, just with pegs, not magnets)


(From Apartment Therapy)

Here’s similar idea from Stitch DivaLace Jewelry Frames to Knit or Crochet - Knit and Crochet Pattern

My biggest problem with these is they don’t deal with both necklaces/bracelets and earrings. And I needed a system for both.

jewelry organizer tutorial

Even this, from Vanillajoy was just not big enough. None of these held nearly enough different kinds of jewelry, as well as rings. And I didn’t really want to go to the trouble of getting a frame and all those supplies. Plus if I were to make something big enough to fit all my jewelry, it *really* wouldn’t fit into my plan for decorating the rest of my room.  (yes, I have a lot of jewelry)

Then Jordan gave me this.

With a little bit of bending, and a good half an hour spent untangling all my jewelry from the trip, it was perfect.

Add this little wire mesh thing (on a couple jump rings) hanging off one of the loops for my earrings, and the rings on the bottom thing…

Voila! (See what I mean about the earrings?)

It’s not terribly DIY, but I’m just happy to have something that works for me.







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