The Problem? The Couch. The Solution? Pillows!

Hey all. I’m sorry it’s been a week since I’ve posted. I’m finally in Boston, all settled in, and have started classes. Which means life got in the way. BUT all this activity does not mean that my new abode does not need some serious help, style wise. Plus, the couch is just bloody horrid. Absolutely awful. And not comfortable at all.

And the armchairs that came with.

I knew it was going to be less-than-stylish. I mean, I’m still in University housing. Honestly, they look a lot better than I thought. But they’re not pretty. Plus those arms on the chairs? Really uncomfortable. They dig into your back. Not fun.

I spent a lot of time this summer thinking about how I was going to solve this problem. First I thought I might be able to do cushion covers. The cushions are not removable, so no dice. Then I was thinking slipcover, but with the very very stable and well put together design of the couch (probably intended to protect it from college students) there would be no good way to make a nice slip cover stay without putting more effort into it than I can afford. (School, remember?)

So we moved to the next idea, Pillows!

This is the result of a few days of collaborative work. We (Jordan, Taylor and I) knew we wanted to make our own. (All tolled, they cost us… 3 dollars a pillow) Much less than any pillow we could buy, and custom made and super cute.

So we went to the fabric store.

The lovely fabric we chose is sitting on the first comforter we got for cheap from Goodwill, promptly laundered, and then cut into pieces for the stuffing. We ended up needing two comforters all tolled, for 18 pillows.

Here are some process pictures.



Taylor’s mother was very kind and allowed us to use her sewing machine. I would not have taken on a project of this magnitude without one, and it really helps our living room to have the pillows.

Scott kept insisting he was manly. So I made sure I got some good shots of him helping us sew girly pillows, to help his argument.

As the evening wore on, we ended up with more and more pillows.

Here are some of my favorites, up close.


All in all, we’ve got a collaborative 18 pillows. That makes 6 each, for when we have to split and don’t live together anymore. They even smell nice (thank you laundry detergent and febreeze!) And I love being able to use our living room.



3 responses to “The Problem? The Couch. The Solution? Pillows!

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  3. I must say, they are quite comfortable.

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