Photography and Inspiration

Sorry posting has dropped off lately, Irene screwed with my plane ticket to school, and I’ve been living half-packed for the last few days. Unfortunately this means nothing productive gets done, ever.

Anyway, today A (a friend who has just moved back to Mpls from NYC) and I walked over to the Walker sculpture gardens. I was reminded of that ad, if you read Bead & Button, or BeadStyle, or any of the other bigger magazines, you’ve likely seen it. It’s got a fake journal page, with a photo of some bright tropical blue beach, and a bracelet. I think the ad is for an online bead supplier, but that’s clearly not the part that stuck with me. The ad implanted the idea that you should take pictures of the things that inspire you. So here are some pictures I’ve taken in the last few days which will hopefully turn into jewelry in the near future. I will update you guys if when this happens.

So I guess the point is that I can see these images as jewelry in my head, and that you all can’t see what I’m thinking, but what I see here is a lateral bracelet with white/gray lines on a darker gray/black background. I plan to create this one soon and will definitely share.

What I see in these flowers is a pair of medallion earrings, with a pendant, centered around a glass sphere in varying rings of seed bead colors. Probably in bright red and orange colors with a tint of yellow, but it may fall further towards the yellow and tan range (see the yellow flowers back there?) Again, you’ll see it when I get around to it am all unpacked and settled in.

This is actually a companion inspiration to an idea I had at work, which I have the beads for, and have yet to try. The idea is to create the swirling pattern- reminiscent of this wall at the Walker- not in contrasting colors, but in contrasting finishes. I have 27BD and 27BDF Toho 11/0 beads. And I’m really excited to use them.

Someday, a day which is likely much farther away than the day that I finish the above three projects, I will learn to weave wire in the same way wood was woven in this sculpture at the Walker. I will create woven wire beads. And it will be awesome.

I’ll apologize now, but I doubt there will be very many posts in the next week, due to move in. Hopefully we can get past that hurdle together.


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