My Book

It’s about time I told you about my book. I started this book in 2007, for a One Act play. We needed a really impressive looking book. It needed to be gigantic and sort of wizard-y. I also needed to be able to lift it above my head and hit someone with it without hurting either them or me. I was (and still am) about 5′ tall. Not your typical body-builder by a long shot. So cardboard and Styrofoam it was!

Dad and I jerry-rigged a Styrofoam cutter from a hand held power drill battery and my 28 g. copper wire, and cut pieces to represent the pages. The rest of the book was cardboard covered with fabric.

The only pictures I have of it before I started my re-build last fall are from the photo shoot I did for my senior picture.

It’s sitting on a mirrored window-nook in the Guthrie Theatre, so at first glance it looks double. It’s not.

Here’s a good picture of it open. I bought some metallic cardstock to add wizard-y-ness. As you can see in the mirror behind me I papered the inside to add the illusion of pages.

Here’s a picture of me with all my stuff. Running joke that I can never not have a ton of stuff in my arms. But it gives you an idea of scale, the book really is as big as my torso.

I went off to college last fall thinking, “There’s no way I’ll need something as out there as a gigantic book in college, not right away.” so I left it home. Wrong move, I had to get my mom to ship it to me in the third week in. It was used in a student production of Bobby Gould in Hell for our Drama club. Oh well, life of a prop person.

It is important to note that I am by no means finished with my re-vamp. I plan to have this be my go to project when I want a distraction or when I feel like working on something. But here’s what I’ve done since I took the first three pictures.

I took tons of strips of paper and a heck of a lot of hot glue and covered the styrofoam, to make something that looked more like pages. I re-covered the front in leather.

This is basically where I’m at with the pages. I’m going to re-cover the large pages, and I’m still in the process of thinking up a convincing looking fold out piece to make it look even more like you’re opening a book when you open it. I’m going to get (or make) a stamp with some odd foreign-looking language on it, and stamp on/tea dye to make it look like it’s been written in. At some point I’m going to camouflage the rest of the cardboard that is showing, and I’m definitely going to put some real metal pieces on the front.

This is me trying to figure out whether the metal pieces I got at the re-use center are really right for this project. I don’t think so, but I’ll keep trying.

Oh yeah, and I added a buckle. I’m planning to cover the edge with something metal. Like this… maybe?

Anyway. When I make progress on that, I’ll post here. Under the tag, Theatre. It is a prop after all.


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