Here’s a post that has nothing to do with Etsy!

I volunteered for the Fringe Festival here in Minneapolis last week. It was really nice to be doing something theatre-y in the area. As volunteers we were allowed to alter our shirts in any way we wanted to. Here’s what I did.

I changed the neckline- your basic group tee shirt never ever fits right. Ever. And the necklines drive me nuts. I did my friend R’s neckline too. She agrees with me. I also added a whole bunch of zig-zaggy stitch work in varying colors.

Isn’t it cool? I’m actually excited to wear it for real, not as my volunteer uniform. Speaking of T-shirts from theatre…

This is my T-shirt from Pirates of Penzance. My experience ¬†with the show wasn’t really that great, but my friend M did the T-shirt design and it was pretty cool. I hated the basic cut of it, like every other T-shirt. So I did some cut and sew, and voila! It’s an off the shoulder. South High Theatre got moved from the back to the front bottom. “We Like Cribbage” made it on though.

I don’t get to wear it often enough. Because every day simply isn’t often enough.


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