Stitch Work

I figured it was about time I explain that the name WhipStitch actually has quite a lot to do with what I do. Seed beads have been my primary focus for a long time, a lot of the jewelry I create is seed bead woven. Because it takes longer to create pieces with seed beads, most of what I create this way is either a gift or intended for my own personal use. However, some of my pieces do end up as something I’d like to sell. Here’s what I’ve got so far.

This piece is a basic bezel setting (Japanese size 11/0, Japanese Miyuki Delicas size 11/0, and Japanese size 15/0) As opposed to reducing the stitch count, the size reduction in beads creates a tighter fit around the item so that it won’t fall out. (11/0 is larger than 15/0, and Delicas and Toho Aikos both differ from round 11/0 beads in size, even though they’re technically the same size.) Some day I’ll attempt to share some guidelines for seed bead use, and various bits and pieces I’ve picked up over the last few years.

This is a piece I did a while ago in reaction to a wire wrapped bangle a co-worker of mine created for a reuse and recycle challenge at work. I wanted to see what I could do with a plastic bangle in my specialty.

These next few listings all came from my class proposals at the last store. Since the classes are no longer available, I’m able to add them to my Etsy store.

These were the earring samples for my basic beginner brick stitch class. I wanted to create something small, because unless it’s woven really loosely (which I find hard to do) brick stitch is a very solid stitch with very little motion. I didn’t want to attach the diamonds straight to the ear wires because that design seemed both to immobile and too old fashioned to me, so I added the bars, and I actually really like them.

These two bracelets were my samples for the basic herringbone class. I planned to teach both the basic 1 drop stitch, and the technique for increasing the stitch to 1×3 to vary the texture. Magnetic clasps.

This last class was a basic peyote stitch (even count- odd count is not easy to pick up on your first try) The point was not only to get the hang of the stitch, but also to teach a little bit about creating a pattern using peyote stitch. Like the other classes this one did come in a pair, below is a picture of both bracelets. The other one already sold!

I’d also like to make a note that most of these photos were taken on the top of a cliff in the middle of nowhere Minnesota on a very sunny day with a lot of wind. It was no mean feat to get even half-way decent photos so I’m very proud of the results.

These items are now up on Etsy! Go take a look!



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