My Brother’s Paddle

This blog was not created as an advertising outlet for my Etsy store, although I bet it seems that way right now. The reason for that is that everything here is brand-stinkin’-new. Before last week there was *nothing* on my Etsy store, but I had a box of jewelry to sell left over from my last art fair. So I have a whole back-log of things to get up. Once that’s done, posts should be more about what I’m making in the miscellaneous category, than they will be about what ends up on Etsy.

To prove it, I’m going to take a moment to brag about my family. Because we’re pretty awesome. My mom is a long time rug weaver. She did the art fair circuit for years, but you can read more about that in my “About” section. My dad, as well as being an engineer, loves to do woodwork. He’s got this whole wood shop in our basement. It’s fantastic. And my brother P takes full advantage of it on many occasion, as well as the metal welding studio at his school. He’s going to get a welding machinists degree, and is already a certified welder. I’m very proud. Me, I get all the left over crafts, the paper maché, the sewing, the painting, you name it. If no one else in my house tried it, it’s in my closet somewhere. I mean, beadwork is one of my main creative outlets but still.

But this post is not about me, either. It’s about P. And his newest project.

See we’re from Minnesota. Canoe country. When we camp, we don’t rent a camper, or go to a camp site. We grab a canoe and some packs and we *camp*. P especially likes camping and canoeing, he goes to canoe camp every year. This year when he came back his poor paddle was broke.

Here it is all sad looking in my dad’s workshop.

Rather than buy a new one, P decided to go all hard-core and build one himself. For now he’s been borrowing Dad’s paddle, so he’s really got all winter to finish this project.

Here’s what he’s got so far.

Here’s an “action shot”. He insisted I get at least one good one of him working on it. (you can just barely see the strap from the necklaces I made him a few days ago, and posted about here.) Whenever he finishes the thing, I’ll make sure he sends me pictures so I can update you all and brag some more.


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