New on Etsy

I posted a few more things on Etsy. The common factor this time is actually about a year and a half old. Over Christmas 2009, I got to go back to the Czech Republic to visit my family there. I had the opportunity to go visit a small shop in Litomeřice where they not only created each bead, pendant, and other small glass trinket, but they sold them. So I bought a bunch. And made jewelry. I still have a few beads which haven’t sparked inspiration yet, but for now these ones went up on Etsy earlier today.

These three are made with a pretty traditional shape and silver lining, I put them up both singly and as a set.

I actually only used two beads in this piece. Somewhere along the line during the flight back to the US, the tubular purple bead I had got hit wrong, and split into three pieces. I decided to create wire wrapped end caps and used it in conjunction with this heart I acquired on my previous trip.

This blue dot bracelet goes surprisingly well with these earrings

I really like both of them. It’ll be sad to say goodbye if they sell.

These beads called to me when I saw them in the shop. Normally I wouldn’t have bought them, but something about the stripes put this design in my head and I couldn’t get it out. I actually really like the result.

Anyway, all of these things are now up on Etsy for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.


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