My Nametag

This post is rather posthumous, because my last day at that job was yesterday (!) but they made me wear a nametag. I don’t really like nametags. So I decided that if I absolutely had to wear it all the time I’d seize the opportunity to show off a little bit  show people that despite my age, and the fact that I look younger than I am, I am still qualified to teach stitch work. This took me a few weeks to get right, partly because other shorter, more important projects kept popping up, and partly because I was winging it. Here’s what I ended up with.

The back of it is purple Czech seed beads. Not because I happen to love that particular color, but because I have a ton of seed beads I got as a gift from my aunt in the Czech Republic a few years ago. They were expendable, and because the back wasn’t going to show, I started there. Getting the size right took me a few tries; I was working an imprecise number of seed beads, one drop peyote, although it occurs to me now that I could have saved some time by making it two drop. Every time I make something I start with one drop and remember after I’m past the point of re-starting that it would be easier as two drop.

I didn’t want the front to be two drop though, so maybe it’s better the whole thing was one drop. Meh, tomato, tomahto. Anyway, once I had the back the right size for your regular name tag in a protector, I started in with the color I really wanted to be, and realized that mixing Czech and Japanese seed beads is not as easy as it sounds. Czech seed beads are thinner and a little bit smaller, and a little more irregular than Japanese ones. This creates a warp in your “fabric” if you try to switch abruptly. So I went out and got some matt black Czech seed beads from my old place of employment. The patterned design on the front is worked with Japanese (Toho) beads. (#612)

I don’t have any pictures with the nametag in it, but I do have up close and personal photos of the flowers and leaves I put on the nametag. The leaves are designed by Ann Gilbert, worked in peyote with czech seed beads of various sizes. I learned the design in a class of hers a few years back.

The flowers, I can claim for my own. I came up with the design based on a variation of a wire “stitch” I learned in the Czech Republic, first because I needed a very last minute birthday gift for a friend (literally, I was working on a flower for a hair pin for her in class an hour before I saw her). My flowers have appeared in a variety of projects since, my mom commissioned three flower magnets for her cubicle, they’re on this nametag, and they make an appearance in a piece I submitted to a juried art exhibit in Louisiana (Kentucky?)

So that’s my pretty nametag piece. I will keep it and continue to use it in any situation which requires I wear a nametag.


3 responses to “My Nametag

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  2. Right now there’s a reason I haven’t made more of them, or for sale. It’d be more in the way of time spent than materials, but with some minor adjustments to the design I think I could do it for about $50.

  3. Hey babe. My grandma wants to know how much it would cost ‘er for you to make another one of these for my aunt.

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