Stretchy on Etsy

Because I’m a dork and think rhyming is funny. I might be really tired. This is the first of what I can only assume will be a few themed posts about what’s going up on Etsy. Three guesses as to what these items have in common.

These are my lovely multi-colored interchangeable accessories. There are six of them. They’re very long stretchy loops of lovely beads which can be used as bracelets, necklaces, hair ties, headbands, and once in a pinch I used one to keep some wood in place while it was being glued because the techies couldn’t find a spare clamp.

They’re pretty darn strong and made of a mixture of Czech glass, Japanese seed beads, and the odd crystal or stone.

They’re up on Etsy now! The first things in my store, in fact. I’m very proud. I’m selling them individually, and as a set of six.

This is the other stretchy item going up today. I decided to try this technique a while ago, and really liked the result. More of a cuff than a dainty bracelet, the design emphasizes the reuse of some of the far too many safety pins in my house. I really like the green glass mix. Go on, check it out on Etsy. I won’t tell anyone.


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