Pretties for my Brother

Last week my bike got a flat. My brother, who was headed out of town that day was really really nice and came out to work to save me, because I was working all day and didn’t have a chance to fix it. I ended up taking the bus home anyway, but he did his best.

While he was there, he poked about the store a bit, and ended up really liking some bone pendants. He’s into the whole mountain man canoeing, hiking, and eating berries for a living thing, and he wanted some of those hemp necklaces you see on guys all the time. So I bought them and made these.

It’s one of my first real attempts at macrame. So I decided to take some in-process pictures.

These are mostly centered around one of my favorite in-a-pinch solutions, partly because I’m borrowing my brother’s girlfriend’s old camera and can’t really get quality pictures off of it, but also because I really like this method.

Back when I was at my old job, at the other bead store, I came by a whole lot of left over 26ga. hot pink craft wire which had been discarded by the kid’s bead camp. I use it in situations like this, were I need a large eye needle and don’t want to use the more expensive Beadsmith ones which are *incredibly* useful for just about everything else, because I hate hot pink as a color in general, so it’s expendable.

So I use the wire to tug the ends back into  the knot work and voila! A pretty secure I hope necklace for my brother. I made him two, and tied them on him, and he liked them. Kept calling them really pretty (A macho man, he is not), hence the name of this post.







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