More Excuses

So I don’t actually own a camera of my own. You’d think this particular roadblock would have occurred to me on my journey towards blog-dom. But it didn’t. My parents are currently unreachable, and until they are my plan to ask them for an (almost five months early) birthday present, a camera of my very own to love and cherish forever and ever, is on hold. Like many things in my life, this creates a problem because I cannot take new pictures to post here. SO

Just a note about that dangly bits necklace. I’ll post pictures and fun stuff about that project (including my ideas about turning wire into make-shift headpins for projects like this) when I have a camera available. In the mean time, I’ve decided I like it too much to give it up just yet, so when I’ve got the time I’ll post about it for real, and it won’t get filed in the Etsy Archive just yet.

Also- There are almost things in my Etsy Store!!!! I’m so close I can smell it. All I need to share this whole shebang with the world (who am I kidding, it’s on the internet, I’m already forcing my mindless dribble on the world) is a banner. D has promised to try to come up with something for me, because when it comes to drawing, and also computers, I’m absolute pants at creating things I’m happy with.

So the basic point is, here are some excuses for why this isn’t interesting yet. And some more promises that there will be something interesting up soon.


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