A List

I *love* making lists. Well, lists keep me in order. Then I just have to keep a hold of the lists.

The little yellow ones come from work, where I steal post-its to make lists of things that occur to me, things I have to do, places I have to be, but most of all projects I want to make. The white ones are from the pad of paper on my desk which is there for those moments I have something I need to remember at 2 am.

The project you see in the background is one I’ve dubbed dangly bits necklace. I’ll come up with a better name when it shows up on Etsy. Which will be eventually.

Anyway, the projects being featured in these particular lists are mostly projects for my move into the new apartment in 19 (!) days. I’ve got all sorts of fun things on the table. Things like curtains, and pots and pans. (I get a kitchen!!!) And a couch cover.

This may make no sense, but lets be honest. Colleges make any apartment style furniture just a little too uncomfortable to use, especially the couches. Clearly there’s a diabolical plot intended to make them a little too short, a little too narrow, and a little less cushy than normal so that people don’t want to crash on your couch. I don’t think this is fair and have decided to borrow T’s mom’s sewing machine to create some kind of cushion-y cover to make that couch bearable. You’ll be hearing more about that later.

Otherwise I’ve been making a list of all the supplies I need to stock up on before I leave, and I’ve got a few other fun projects on my plate which you’ll hear about too.

Clearly my thought process is just a list of things to do. All the time.


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