So This is My Blog

Soon I’ll have something interesting on this page, I promise.

For now, I’m in the last two weeks of my summer job, and I’m trying to get ahold of my graphic designer friend J, so she can make me a banner for my Etsy store, and for this blog, and for my life in general. Because she’s just that cool.

And I’m trying to get ahold of my roommate and best friend T because her mom has a sewing machine and unless I borrow it for the first week we’re moved back in, our couch is going to be bloody uncomfortable for the rest of our lives. (not really)

And I’m trying to get ahold of my bestest friend ever who I’m sure will tirelessly promote me and my stuff all over the internet (right?) D, because we need to watch some Doctor Who together, and he can watch me work on my latest project.

And then there’s all that silly little stuff like getting ready for school to start again, and moving back to Boston, and oh yeah, I kinda have to get this whole blog/etsy shebang up and running.

So like I said, something interesting will happen here soon, I hope promise. In any case, welcome to my page. Enjoy your stay.


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