Tapestry Design Update

Oh man, have I got a post for you today. I finally figured out what the hell I’m doing with this ridiculous project. This post will have a ton of pictures as I share my method for getting this project straight in my head. You’ll see my inspiration, my stupid Photoshop avoidance tactics, and get a general sense of what the project will look like in a very not color oriented sense. I haven’t picked colors yet. That comes next.

Like I said, it’s a picture heavy post (and I just figured out how to hyperlink a picture) so click the picture to get to the source!


See, I looked at a bunch of stuff on the internets to get ideas for graphics and fonts. Because beads are basically pixels, which cross stitch is based around, and there are a billion dorky cross stitch projects out there, that’s where I went, because I’m betting no one’s about to try a single needle weave project of this proportion.

Which mostly reminds me of this video. I’m not actually using this one in any way shape or form, but I love the video. A lot.

ON SALE Buffy quote - I Mock You With My Monkey Pants (Printable Pdf Pattern)

These last two are closer to the tone and the composition I’m looking at doing. (second one is a Buffy quote, albeit a slightly less known one)

I want it to feel like these a bit, introspective with good graphics, and simple. I found pixel people here.


As a result, when I sat down to compose the thing, I found that I just didn’t like these two initial designs as much as I liked this other quote I just couldn’t let go of even though it’s significantly longer.


That quote reads as follows, and I’ve been staring at it for so long that I think I will forever be able to recite it verbatim:

“Yes, it’s terribly simple. The good guys are always stalwart and true, the bad guys are easily distinguishable by their pointy horns or black hats and… uh… we always defeat them and save the day. No one ever dies and everyone lives happily ever after.” “Liar”

Yeah, it’s longer than I wanted to tackle, but hell. Why not make this project bigger than it needs to be.

So I started by separating the words individually in a word document.

I put them in text boxes based on what I wanted to go together where.

With a bit of tricksy resizing and fonting, I added a square stitch/loomwork gridded underlay to keep everything straight in my head. It’s about as wide as I think the project’s gonna be, but until I have the backdrop beads in hand it’s hard to do the math on how many pixels I’ll have.

I got that done, then I started looking for the graphics I wanted to use to enhance the lettering. I’ll do my best to credit, but I’m not entirely sure where I found everything. Let me know if I missed something!


Some of these I used, some I saved for later.

I played with this for a while, before ultimately deciding it was a bit corny. Here’s the finished design, in two pictures because it took two pages in Word.

That’s the idea I’m going for.

Then, with the grid still there, although much less accurate, I used cross stitch fonts from these websites, grabbing them with my handy snipping tool, and filled in the fonts with followable, pixellated words.

For me, patterns have always been more what you’d call… “guidelines”, so as I go I’ll be altering the “pattern” to fit the words, especially in cases where I took one font (the Amsterdam font) and manually changed the size of the image to fit the size I wanted it to look. (look at the difference between the word true, and the bad guys in the first image) I’ll do… something… when I get to that point to make it work out.

The important thing is that all of these fonts are pixellated. So I can follow them.

As far as colors go, I know it’s hard, but you should regard the colors in the design as mostly what I’m gonna use. The only colors I know for sure are the word “distinguished” and the word “Liar”. And I’m going to use a double edge gold border. That’s it.

Anyway, I went out shopping today, to see what beads I could buy for this project (and yes, I will resort to buying online in bulk if I feel I need to, but I won’t do that just yet when I could buy local in Prague) Surprisingly, I didn’t find as many seed beads as I wanted but you know what I found lots of awesome beads so there’ll be things not this tapestry coming up in the near future!

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