Ankle Warmers


For Mom’s birthday this year, I made her two sets of ankle warmers, because she likes to work wearing flip flops, but then her feet get cold. I used various wool yarns to pull off a really fun striped look.


Worn like so!

I had a lot of fun with the colors and stripes, and I hope they’re as warm and useful as they are colorful!

Baby Hats

I’ve been making things lately, a little bit. School has taken over, but more importantly it’s the beginning of GIFT SEASON! You’ll see my Christmas gifts after Christmas, ect, but I can’t spoil the surprise by posting  before people have received my gifts, as usual.

There is one gift I made which I’d like to share, since my cousin just had a little baby girl I sent along some knitted baby hats for her!


Perfect use of the pink I’ve had around for a while.

Cutting Board

I made something for the first time in a few months! 

2014-08-29 16.50.06


Two nice light weight hard maple cutting boards! They’re really pretty. 

Bottom-Heavy Earring Round Up

I’ve been a bad friend. I’ve developed a new style of earring which I really like and I’ve kept it from you guys. Shame on me.

It all started a long long time ago when I worked at a bead store. The first time. They wanted to promote the new kits so we all chose one to make and wear. Many years later, I had mimic-ed the style in a second necklace, but never wore either. No longer, my friends, for in place of two semi-interesting necklaces I now have two pairs of awesome earrings!



This third pair of earrings came to me as yet another possibility for these darn sodalite donuts (which, yes I know I’ve called lapis a few times. Call it a continuity error, but I promise they’re not lapis. They’re sodalite.) This pair was inspired by a pair from this earrings post a while ago, back when I first got my earrings pierced. I’ve lost one of the earrings since, but I’m glad the idea has been reincarnated (and that I’ve finally managed to get a decent photograph of these sodalite pieces)


Finally, this last pair of earrings came about because I needed a pair of earrings to go with the largest of these sashiko bracelets. I just didn’t have any black and white earrings I liked, and I do love this dangling style. So far they’ve been fantastic.


I wear all of these pretty often, which is lucky since I made them. Let me know what you think, if you feel so inclined!


I’ve been having a bit of a rough time lately. I’m doing some really cool and interesting things but I haven’t been feeling very much like myself and I have started to think I know why. In the last month or so I’ve been really busy with some life stuff, moving around, and generally dealing with impermanence and as a result, I’ve ended up in a rut, and I haven’t made anything lately. I haven’t even been really inspired to make anything lately. In fact, I wasn’t even able to come up with a design I really wanted to create for my grandmother’s 83rd birthday this weekend.

Instead I bought flowers. Let that sink in for a moment.

There’s a lot of great things out there on the internet, things which are really exciting, or which have proved to be challenging, in a good way. There are a lot of ideas I love which are just waiting for me to have just the right friend to give them to, and also to be near a sewing machine again, or to find just the right piece to transform. There are also pieces which are sitting at home waiting for the opportune moment to come back to them.

I’m feeling a little empty. Just because I’m traveling right now doesn’t mean I don’t get to enjoy making art, or keep the art I make. To remind myself of that I’m posting the following inspirations. I’m going to try to accomplish one of them before I leave Prague. This is my mission and I will embrace it wholeheartedly.

Probably. Pinterest has been really bare of interest for me lately.

First up, this super great pincushion which I did find on Pinterest, which as best as I can tell came from flickr user woolly fabulous.

pin cushion

I’m excited about this project because I’ve really needed a good pincushion which is interesting for a while, and while I really wanted to make one of those mason jar pin cushions (with the place to store other sewing stuff, and it’s all useful and everything!) it just doesn’t make sense to make something so rigid (and breakable) when I travel so darn much. Something cushy and more pliable will be perfect.

Second, is this lovely ring beaded bead from Pandoritos on etsy.

These beads would be perfect for some of the stuff I brought with me, and some of the stuff I’ve already bought here. I can imagine stacking three of them in different sizes for a great pair of bottom-heavy earrings.

Third, this set of pearl hair pins is something I’ve been coveting for a long time. The idea comes from

mermaid pearl hairpins

I like this particular project because it’s elegant and lovely, and because I don’t already have the graded pearls on hand. I’m sure I could find something similar here, which would get me out of the house and running around town.

Fourth and finally, and I know this is cheating a little bit, but I saw this pin for using things like cinnamon and orange peels in boiling water to invigorate your living space, and I realized that my place here could really use a little freshening up!

Make Your House Smell Like Williams Sonoma    A few sprigs of rosemary, lemon slices and a teaspoon of vanilla in a pot and let it simmer on the stove. This is a recipe that they use at William Sonoma Home stores, and we all love how that shop smells, Yum!!

Well everyone, wish me luck in finally breaking my creator’s-block!


In The Last Month

Guys, I’m going to level with you.

If you know me, if you’ve been following me at all, you know I never stop making things. I’ve got very little that I can point to and say “I didn’t have the urge to make something to improve this” and that’s a part of who I am that I’m proud of. That being said, my life has been structured kind of differently over the last month. It’s not an immediately visible change, but I’m keenly aware of it. So, as I often do, I am marking this change in my life by very literally moving on. 

In The Last Month

In the last month, I opened an Opera. This Opera was called Der Vampyr and many of you probably remember it because I posted about the totally delicious pillows I made for it just over a month ago. This opera was a delight to participate in, with a great group of people and a fun set of challenges. And a target with Edward Cullen’s face on it. Image


I promise to loop you all in when I’ve got pictures up on the website; it was a delicious production.

I also had a family wedding in Michigan, and the end of an era in Boston with the end of my 6-mo semester working. I had a lot going on and while I did make a good many things, most of them were personal jewelry I didn’t end up photographing. In all it was a great month, but a bit bare on the creativity front.

In The Next Two Months

I’m off to Prague again. I’m sure the mood will catch me, as it often does, to make more fabulous things while I’m there, but my primary goal is to do some archival research and have some family time. I hope to be less sporadic about posting (a whole month of radio silence, really?) but you all should know I might not have all that much to say. Of course, in the fall when I am tasked with, yet again, making university housing a home, you will definitely hear from me. 




Decadent Pillows

For an opera called Der Vampyr, I made this delicious set of Victorian-inspired throw pillows for a vampire’s den.



They’re quite a bit of fun.

I used elements from each of these Victorian (or Victorian inspired) reference pillows. See if you can spot the places I drew from!






They’re pretty delicious, all made with bits of satin, lace, velvet, and silk ribbon.