Old Hats Become New Hats


Remember this hat? I felt the need to re-do it.

2014-11-20 22.00.54

In the middle of November. In New England.

2014-11-20 21.59.10

I’m very smart, and now my ears are no longer very cold.

2014-11-20 22.00.58

I’m a big fan of the new blue stripes. And also the earrings!

Garnets and Brass Hoops

Today, not only do I want to share a fun new bracelet, which I made using the beaded bead technique I’ve talked about a lot here lately.


I’d also like to share this bracelet and earrings set I made using garnet beads and brass seed beads. My birthstone!


IMG_2545 IMG_2546

I’m gonna have fun wearing these!

New Batch of Beaded Beads

Some of these beaded beads, you’ve seen before. I love beaded beads a lot, and have made various tutorials over the last few years.


These seem familiar? They are, I’ve reformatted them.


These, however are new…




and these, are a different kind of beaded bead. The tutorial is not mine to share, otherwise I would, but I really like the way they add interest and elegance without too much effort.


Plus, they’re really fun.



I’ve had a really great time creating these pieces. I hope you enjoy them!

Beads with Two Holes

Recently, I’ve been working with a new set of lovey grey two-hole beads from Preciosa that I got this summer. They’re beautiful and the color is sort of deep and two toned and I love them.


Of course, I had to try out this flat herringbone pattern with them which comes from here. It took me almost three months to track down that link (I saw the original idea on Pinterest)


The second bracelet I made was a simple peyote using only the two hole beads. It’s got a lovely texture to it which makes me really happy.


Finish them off with button clasps, and you’ve got a fun bracelet! I’m loving this two-hole bead system!

Ankle Warmers


For Mom’s birthday this year, I made her two sets of ankle warmers, because she likes to work wearing flip flops, but then her feet get cold. I used various wool yarns to pull off a really fun striped look.


Worn like so!

I had a lot of fun with the colors and stripes, and I hope they’re as warm and useful as they are colorful!

Baby Hats

I’ve been making things lately, a little bit. School has taken over, but more importantly it’s the beginning of GIFT SEASON! You’ll see my Christmas gifts after Christmas, ect, but I can’t spoil the surprise by posting  before people have received my gifts, as usual.

There is one gift I made which I’d like to share, since my cousin just had a little baby girl I sent along some knitted baby hats for her!


Perfect use of the pink I’ve had around for a while.

Cutting Board

I made something for the first time in a few months! 

2014-08-29 16.50.06


Two nice light weight hard maple cutting boards! They’re really pretty.